ITHAKIS 69Ithakis 69, Athens, Greece


This neoclassical building is part of Estia’s Heritage Buildings Collection consisting of 3 apartments and it was created at the beginning of 1900s.

The building’s architecture demonstrates the glamour of the Athenian cityscape on the turn of the 20th century and blends harmoniously with today’s urban environment.  It is located in the hip area of Kipseli, right next to recently renovated Agios Georgios square, the National Archaeological Museum and a five minutes-drive away from the idyllic Attica Grove.




No of Buildings: 1
Sizes Available: 117 sqm - 184sqm
No of Apartments: 2
Available Apartments: 2
No of Shops: 0
Available Shops: 0
No of Storages: 2
Available Storages: 2