Entrepreneurs! Seize the Golden Visa Opportunity!

Written by estia

Are you an entrepreneur trying to make a wise investment? One of the greatest choices available to investors globally is Greece’s Golden Visa program. With several advantages and smart financial choices, this visa permits admission into Europe and beyond. Learn how the Greece Golden Visa may help you extend your horizons and ensure your future as a business.

Travel Across Europe

With Greece’s Golden Visa, you can travel visa-free within the Schengen Zone, making it easy for entrepreneurs with business interests [MA1] across Europe. Whether you’re doing business in Paris or networking in Berlin, this visa gives you easy access to important business hubs.

Tax Benefits & ROI

Golden Visa holders in Greece enjoy an array of tax benefits, including fixed tax rates and the opportunity for tax-free income after seven years of residency. This makes Greece an appealing destination for businesspeople seeking to secure their financial future and enhance investment returns, all while refining their financial strategies.

Family Residency

Your Greek residency by investment may be extend privileges to your parents, children, and spouses! As you investigate chances in Greece, keep your loved ones close at hand and secure your future as family.

Path to EU Citizenship

The Golden Visa holder has additional chances for EU citizenship after seven years, and after five years, they can apply for Greek permanent residency.

Passive Income

Passive income may be produced by investing in rental homes in Greece, particularly in well-known travel locations that are vibrant and bustling all year long, like Athens. Benefit from the strong demand for rental properties to add some diversity to your portfolio of investments.

Healthcare and Education

Get your family access to first-rate healthcare and education in Greece. The country is renowned for its top-notch healthcare services and esteemed academic establishments.

Estia simplifies the Golden Visa process, making it easy for applicants. Contact us today to explore your options and apply for your Greek Golden Visa immediately!

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