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Conventional building materials such as plastics, unsustainably harvested wood, Portland cement-based mixes, paints, and other coatings and steel should be avoided because of their proven drastic negative environmental and health impacts.

organic Living is a lifestyle which is dedicated to making more informed choices when confronted with decisions that influence your health and the environment. It is a lifestyle that promotes sustainable development and encourages the application of natural methods in work. Moreover, to live an organic lifestyle means to enjoy the benefits of natural processes and ingredients, it is a way to connect again to nature and surround ourselves with a feel-good and healthy environment.

The advantages of using organic building materials are primordial and many. Generally, they have less consumable energy than traditional building materials, which results in less energy being required for their production. The use of locally abundant materials means the minimum of disruption to the surroundings. Voula being the gem of Athens Riviera and being one of the cities that are outstandingly planned, building responsibly is important for nature and the residential community.

Finally, the use of organic materials can have significant health benefits for the occupants, it is safe, solid, healthy, and better for the environment.

Choose your Dream home responsibly!

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