Greece, the Ideal Destination for a Living Family Experience

Written by estia

Endless stretches of sparkling blue coastline, friendly environment, beautiful villages, and fascinating traditions, make Greece the perfect destination for a family getaway, and one of the best countries worldwide for traveling with children, especially if they are curious and have an adventurous soul!

Home to several different regions from across the world, each Greek destination offers unique activities that the kids will surely love, and there’s always something for you to do there, no matter your interests.

Crystal blue seas, ancient history, perfect weather, and Greek cuisine, all combined to capture your imagination.

In Athens, there is plenty of things to keep children busy. Every parent’s dream!

The Museum of Greek Children’s Art, has a room aside where children can learn about Ancient Greece.

The Hellenic children’s museum, is a place where kids can join Greek cooking and crafts classes.

The Acropolis, built during the 5th century BC, overlooks Athens. You can learn about the Greek mythology while exploring the Acropolis and visiting the various monuments; the Odeon of Herodes, the Parthenon, and many more.

Paros, an amazing island and a perfect destination for nature and beach lovers to relax, unwind, and enjoy an unforgettable holiday on the glorious beaches.

Many outdoor activities and water sports take place there: scuba diving, playing in the sand, and hiking; it is the ideal destination for families.

The Peloponnese, a cultural region full of historical sites where you can spend your holiday.

The Chlemoutsi castle, for example, located on a hill above the villages, is worth visiting.

Crete, home to the most beautiful and clearest beaches, is the perfect and largest island of the Greek islands visited for family holidays, to enjoy long sandy beaches, hikes, boat trips and local cuisines.

Santorini, offers a wide variety of activities; exploring the whitewashed villages, swimming, shopping… While there, make sure to visit the Red Beach; a kids-friendly beach surrounded by red volcano cliffs, and a popular tourist destination.

Greece, one of the most loved destinations for travelers worldwide, offers so much to explore! There’s something for everybody in this country which makes Greece perfect for family trips & experiences.

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