Through The Eyes of a Local

National Garden: A green oasis in the center of Athens

Written by Vasilis

The National Garden, former Royal Garden, is located right behind the Greek Parliament building (Syntagma Square). It is nested between Kolonaki and Pagrati districts, across from the Panathenaic Stadium, covering a16 hectares area.

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Designed back in the 1840s by order of Queen Amalia, having around 500 species of plants, as a private garden for the Royal Family. By 1975, the garden is open to public from sunrise to sunset.

Credits: | Anastasios 71

The National Garden is well known for the narrow labyrinth paths, the wooden benches with small lakes and ponds in-between. It hosts a small zoo with wild goats, peacocks, chickens, and other animals, a Botanical Museum, a children’s library, a playground, and an open coffee shop. The famous sundial is set in the main entrance (Amalias Str.).

Credits: | Kostas Tsek

The National Gardenis a beautiful park to escape from the crowdy center of Athens.
Enjoy your walk in the park, without any city noise at all!