The ideal opportunity for new beginnings

Written by estia

The factors of attraction and benefits of investing in Greece have always been there and they are constantly evolving!

Even though the minimum investment amount allowing you to get the Golden Visa has increased, this is still a major attainable opportunity which young and older investors can grab.

In addition to the chance of obtaining the Greek residency and consequently gaining the security everyone aims for in life, the country offers impeccable tourism destinations and prolific business opportunities, not only in the capital, but also across its mesmerizing islands.

Many corporate giants have already set foot in Athens, creating job and venture opportunities for locals and expats alike. Various sectors are also regularly being enhanced in the country, and the manufacturing industry is developing, with a valuable weight on Greece’s local production.

These are all insuring factors, that the beautiful and widely admired Mediterranean country is on the “up-the-hill” track economically and in terms of safety & stability as well.

An opportunity for each generation

A retirement plan in Greece is stating the obvious! Aside from retiring investors, young adults, as well as new and developed families, all have fruitful chances to catch whenever they decide to invest and/or reside in Greece.

We’ve already covered the business opportunities, and the magnificent scenery everywhere is a given.

Living areas are also worth mentioning, alongside the fact that the Greek educational system is a sturdy one with great potential for its students. Families would instantly feel at home in Greece, with a wide choice of residential spaces and properties, with social and urban surroundings, providing the feel that every lifestyle requires.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to invest in residential properties, the coastal capital and many Greek islands offer a variety of profitable choices and rising developments worthy of your next venture.

The real estate industry has always been inviting and is continuously growing, not to mention the renown strategic location of Greece and its proximity to business and social hubs worldwide, in “nearby” Europe and beyond.

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