Voula: The Ideal living spot in 2021

Written by estia

The Idea of living in Greece is raising interest to many people around the world. Greece is an extremely vibrant country that is known worldwide for its good climate throughout the year. It combines detailed history sights, stunning architecture, and unique culture.

Greece is generally a very safe place to move in. It combines the lowest costs of living in the European Union with high standard, especially for expats who look for a good living spot to easily change and adapt their desired lifestyle.
Being a popular expat residential region, Voula, situated in Athens Riviera, in the proximity of the capital and just a 25 minutes’ drive from the Acropolis, proposes an alluring spread of beachfront sights with island feel and lots of vibrant restaurants and clubs along with fun activities to plan for families, young professionals, and a high-end fashion crowd.

This is your chance to move in a part of Voula where excellent city planning shows its best side with Estia Developments.
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