Glamourous Holidays in Athens

Written by estia

The thought of spending the holidays in the charming Greek capital is as magical as you can imagine!

Athens’ vibe and feel get even more enchanting during this season, sparkling with festive lights, and decorations, local celebrations, winter activities, and sumptuous dining opportunities. The whole atmosphere complements the cozy culture and heritage of the city, already showcased between its alleys, spectacular ruins, and museums.

The Ambiance

These are beyond interesting, fun, and memorable times to visit or stay in Athens. As you roam around the beautiful city, you will encounter locals enjoying the holiday spirit outside, or happily running errands and shopping around the famous streets of the city center.

The weather is indeed inviting as well. It doesn’t get too cold at this time of the year in Greece. Which makes it perfect for you to step out and live the complete Greek experience.

The festivities begin with the start of the month of December and continue until Epiphany, on the 6th of January!

Christmas eve is usually spent completely outdoors in Athens. How interesting is that? It is the time for everyone visiting to celebrate together and share the happy vibe. It is also the best opportunity to enjoy the exquisite food of Athens’ top upscale restaurants, and the ambiance of the capital’s cafes and bars.

A Delightful Christmas in Athens

The culinary experiences this city offers you during the holiday season is indeed unforgettable and not to be missed! Besides the historical landmarks, every visitor must discover the Greek Christmas traditions, especially those related to dining.

Christmas day lunch is widely awaited and important. Pork lovers will appreciate the Greek tradition of raising a hog in every household, for the family to cook and serve as the star dish of their festive lunch.

As time passes, pork still reins every table, but it is now prepared with a juicy lemon sauce and rice on the side, or with oven baked potatoes. The whole setting and meal are always complemented with delicious wine, of course, and Christopsomo bread (meaning Christ’s bread).

The unique Christmas loaf has a cross carved onto its top before it is baked. The tradition is that hhe head of each Greek household makes the sign of the cross above the bread, and serves a piece to each member of the gathering.

While you celebrate Christmas eve and the next day in Athens, you must pay a visit to one of the capital’s renown fine dining restaurants and discover the wonderful taste of their famous “Tyropita” and “Spanakopita”, both being delicious pies made with cheese or spinach.

Leave room for festive dessert! The Greek creations will introduce you to another meaning of cookies and a higher level of gastronomy. Make sure to specifically as for the Kourabiedes and the Melomakarona. You will not be able to resist the temptation!

There is so much to explore and experience in Athens at any time of the year. The holiday season is just another magnificent side of the Greek culture and lifestyle to discover!
May this Christmas be blessed and merry. Season’s greetings from Estia Developments family to yours.