The Numbers you should know about when moving to Greece!

Written by estia

What better place for a fresh start than Greece. From the European dream lifestyle to the plethora of activities the country has to offer, Greece is sure to keep you on your toes all day every day. Greece is a fascinating blend of sun-drenched islands, towering mountains, bustling cities, and ageless customs. It is large, diversified, and visually spectacular. It is a bright, friendly, and a country full of surprises, wrapped in the warm embrace of the Aegean Sea.

If the reasons listed above are not enough to convince you to pack up your house and book your plane ticket, here are some numbers that might just do the trick.

One of Greece’s main assets is its sunshine. The warm Mediterranean rays follow you whether you are laying down and lounging on one of the many beaches Greece has to offer or touring one of the countless historical artifacts. Even if you are gathered on your balcony with your friends having a barbeque, you are guaranteed more than 320 days of sunshine a year.

In addition to that, its coastline is about 16000 km long making beach hoping the perfect weekend activity for anyone.

If you think that you can no longer consider Greece a vacation spot once you live there, you couldn’t be more wrong. With over 200 islands and islets, each one known for different and distinct characteristics, Greece and its many islands will make sure to keep your lifestyle and vacation time separate, each more glamourous than the other. With over 27 million tourists visiting Greece each year, there will always be a party somewhere and you will never experience a dull moment in your dream European lifestyle.

However, Life is not always fun and games, and so living expenses are numbers that one has to consider before that big leap. Greece is ultimately one of the best places to move with a family as it offers something for everyone of different ages. It is also one of the leading countries economically as its economy is projected to grow 2.0% this year, as well as the 2nd most affordable country in Europe. The monthly cost for a family of 4 rounds up to about 2,674 euros while a single person’s monthly cost rounds up to about 1,123 euros.

Numbers never lie, and as the numbers have shown, Greece is fundamentally an amazing place to move to on all fronts. From entertainment, to living expenses and even business opportunities, Greece and its islands offer something for everyone. Similarly, if one might be looking for a high end and lavish housing accommodation or rather a more urban and modern design, Estia developments proposes many luxury dwellings situated in Prime locations to satisfy all of your different needs.