A New Urban Lifestyle in the center of Athens awaits!

Written by estia

Gazi, a small, contemporary, and hip neighborhood of Athens is now turning into a major residential area. Located in the center of Athens, this area provides its residents with the ideal balance between amazing industrial spaces and incredible nightlife.

Before relocating to Gazi, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the city and all that it has to offer. Consequently, we’ve compiled a list of things not to miss when living in this area of Athens.

Gazi by day is very fun and offers a trendy and bohemian atmosphere.

Most restaurants in Gazi will give you a contemporary twist on the traditional Greek cuisine, while keeping customs alive. Avdi Square is a wonderful location to visit during the day since its popular for its many coffee shops. You can also enjoy street art. Entire shops and facades are covered with murals done by well-known European graffiti artists.

Gazi’s nightlife consists of loud music and a dynamic atmosphere.

You will undoubtedly find a bar to your liking since this town brings together some of Greece’s greatest restaurants and bars. The nightlife there is the ideal place to connect with locals and meet new people.

Multiple art, music and film events take place in Gazi every year. You can also visit many historical museums and immerse yourself in the Greek culture.
Art exhibitions, music festivals, and a variety of other events are held at the Technopolis.

This famous center blends culture and innovation and is a must-see attraction in Gazi.

Cinephiles can reconnect at the Greek Film Archive Museum, which houses everything from old film reels to costumes and a historic movie theater.

Every year, the Gazi Jazz Festival takes place on the streets of Gazi. Music fans watch jazz musicians from all around the world perform.

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