A Sustainable Organic Lifestyle Awaits You in Athens

Written by estia

Estia Developments values eco-friendly living. With the goal of preserving the environment, we aim to reduce our environmental impact by implementing certain adjustments in our properties as well as encouraging others to take similar actions for the planet.

The sustainable lifestyle begins in your home. Investing in an organically constructed property that has been designed and refined by environmentally conscious specialists will put you on the right track. Estia Developments solely uses natural building methods and materials, which are less polluting than conventional ones. These materials have also been proven to provide considerable health advantages to the residents: they are safe, sturdy, and environmentally friendly.

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why Athens is the right call for an organic and sustainable lifestyle as well as useful tips that you may refer to whenever you need guidance on how to be more eco-friendly in Greece:

  • Green and Blue infrastructure implementation: maintaining and expanding green areas, as well as vertical greening techniques and the use of water features in urban planning.
  • Built Environment plan: reducing ambient air temperatures and improving microclimatic conditions by utilizing sustainable materials such as cool pavements, low  embodied energy materials, and bioclimatic design.
  • Greece has been ranked the top destination in the world in the category of “sustainable food”. Greek citizens are renowned for their organic meals in which they only use ingredients in season, fresh seafood, and meats available locally.
  • Street markets are found in almost every neighborhood. Local producers are included in these traditional marketplaces. By going there, you will get a taste of the true Greek way of life while collecting the freshest products in your reusable bags.
  • If you’re seeking an eco-friendly way to discover Athens, cycling might be what you’re looking for! This form of transportation allows you to visit historic sites and go sightseeing without having to deal with traffic.

It’s critical to recognize how essential it is to be aware and educated on environmental issues in today’s world. Estia Developments guides its customers to a more sustainable lifestyle by implementing sustainable procedures in every step of the way.