The Emergence of Innovative Ecosystem in Greece

Written by estia

Over the past years, the world’s environment has been facing major challenges and every human being has begun to pay attention and be accountable for their daily activities to save the planet.

As Greece is known for its beautiful islands, clean beaches and the lush green nature that dominates its land, respecting the environment is considered a duty that all visitors and residents must take. The state has been implementing more regulations over the past years to prevent pollution within the country. During the summer, volunteers are assigned to watch over the trees to prevent fires, attend beach clean ups and participate in seminars to know about ecosystem technologies. In addition, some new ecology websites and forums have been designed to inform the people of Greece about environment set ups and promote a new eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Greek Ministry of Development and Investment has implemented a strategy aimed at boosting entrepreneurship, ensuring access to funding, and facilitating contacts between Greek scientific research & innovation and the Greek market. This strategy has been adopted to lay the foundation for a strong and sustainable ecosystem in the country as well as support ongoing environmental projects.

Concerning ecological solutions, many remarkable foreign firms are interested in investing in Greece. Well-known companies have set up local research to focus on the expansion of electric motor technology, as well as plan digital projects focused on artificial intelligence in many Greek cities concerning ecosystem innovations.

Furthermore, science parks and technology shifts have been adopted. The parks contribute to the state’s economic growth by raising the amount of economic activity and the efficiency of firms that relocated there. Some foundations have also been established to protect the environment, and actions are taken to stop overbuilding on the islands, so that the pure landscape remains untouched.

Since the world’s environment is at risk, Estia Developments has taken significant strides to being ecologically friendly by implementing innovation in their constructions, reflected in their building’s materials and construction methods.

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